New Faucet of Ripple, you can earn Ripple every 60min FREE

you can earn Ripple every 60 minutes

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FaucetsWin contains lists of all the coins that are faucethub, every day we update, we remove the ones that stop working, we will add the new ones that are coming out, we will also specify the type of captcha that contain the faucets so that some faucets that cause them problems can be avoided So that each user has no problem at the time of obtaining the reward

we recommend Ethereum PTC of Ethereum, thatis good to use for a few minutes a day

We have lists of all the coins available on FaucetHub

A faucet is a web page that gives away small fractions or satoshis of Bitcoin or other coins like Litecoin, Dogetoshis. They arise in the world of the criptomonedas to promote the currency, make it accessible and put it into circulation.

A resource for those who start and after creating their wallet can start to manage Bitcoin. They are financed through publicity and through donations, let us not forget that both solidarity and altruism are quite common among the community of cryptomoendas. All the faucets that are in the lists of this web, pay directly to FaucebHub

You Can get more satoshis playing lottery and more

To understand a criptomoneda, one must understand the blockchain or chain of blocks. The tenology BlockChain, is the basis of the whole network of cryptones. BlockChain is nothing more than an accounting book, distributed all over the world. All cryptomonedas exist thanks to BlockChain, each transaction is by miners who dedicate and invest the power of their computer to complete a block of transactions, these are denominated, miners of the blockchain. What they do is to verify each transaction and by that process, they get a reward, of course it is distributed to the whole pool, which is a group of miners who in turn offer their computing power all together, to generate verifications more and more with Speed ​​and efficiency. A Bitcoin transaction takes 5 to 10 minutes to confirm. In short, the blockchain is a public accounting book, where all transactions are recorded and updated in each processed block.

Cloud Mining is an online process that produces or mines a particular cryptomoneda depending on any hardware requirement. All those who mine through a cloud having remote access to an information center with shared processing power. These miners in the cloud do not need to have their own hardware. They only need a computer with an Internet connection with their cryptomonet wallet. Many pages related to this process are scam, ie fraud and false investment projections. If we look at the pages, we see that some offer short-term investments (these approach the state of scam), others offer us in the long term, that is, we are gaining little by little. Now, do not get any illusions. This does not make you a millionaire in a week, a month or a year. It only gives you a percentage of what you have invested. And I would not recommend investing and investing and investing again because at some point, you will lose your profits. That's my opinion, you can do what you want with your coins but, I warn, it's Investment. You can lose everything.